Make a donation

J.A.C.K. relies on your generosity

The Sanctuary works closely with the State of the DRC but doesn’t get any funds from it… Therefore, J.A.C.K. strives on its own to run the project as well as to provide its rescued orphans with the best care.

This is why every single donation is crucial to the welfare of these growing residents and helps the Primate Rehabilitation Centre to make THE difference in a country where starvation and armed conflicts are part of every day life.

Today, J.A.C.K. takes care of more than 30 apes (chimpanzees), more than 30 small primates and about 10 bushbabies. This means that about 250kg food has to be provided daily to the chimpanzees and a remaining 30kg is needed for the smaller residents. If J.A.C.K. doesn’t reach that daily amount, the residents can get sick or start fighting for food which isn’t our aim!

You can support our Primate Rehabilitation Center by donating in two different ways (1) either you make a free donation, (2) or we can guide you through the treats each primate species is keen on (see below)!

Please keep in mind that it is very difficult to send funds to the DR Congo and that your contribution goes straight to our French Charity « LES AMIS DE JACK » via the fundraising page named ‘HELLOASSO’. Thank YOU for your help and for your understanding!

Offer them their favorite treats!

I offer 40kg of bananas to the chimpanzees
I offer 20kg of oranges to the red-tailed monkeys
I offer 4 kg of grapes to the bushbabies
I offer 1 piece of pineapple to the putty-nosed monkeys
I offer 30kg of tomatoes to the Lhoesti guenons

I offer 25kg of peanuts to the blue monkeys

I offer 1kg of bird seeds to the agile Mangabeys
I oofer 30 eggs to the golden-bellied Mangabeys
I offer 1 watermelon to the Malbrouck monkeys